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Indian Journal in 

Number Theory (IJNT-India)

  1. Indian Journal in Number Theory (IJNT- India) is a professional and academic journal. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two specialties or scholars, and the suggested manuscript will be also re-reviewed by the editorial board.
  2. The editorial board of  (IJNT- India) is a regular organization. Editorial board members are invited and assigned by editor-in-chief.
  3. Two reviewers are recommended by either editor-in-chief or members of editorial board for reviewing each manuscript.
  4. The reviewers must hold Ph.D. degree or equivalent to associate professor or above, and their field of research should be related with the under reviewed manuscript.
  5. The review comments are divided into four levels: (A) accept, (B) minor changes, (C) major changes and re-review, and (D) reject. Basic decisions making from two reviewers’ comments are shown in the following Table.
  6. The editor-in-chief should inform authors about the reviewers’ comments (acceptance, rejection, or modification). Authors can amend the manuscript, provide supplementary material, and rebut comments based on the reviewers’ suggestions.
  7. Basically, only two papers written by the same authors can be printed in the same issue of the journal, the third paper will be published in the next issue.