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Indian Journal in  Number Theory (abbreviated by Ind. JNT) is an international, online, open access and peer-reviewed journal. It founded in January 2017 and its first issue published in November 2017.


Aims and Scope

Ind. JNT publishes original research articles on any topic in number theory in English language only, without any type of publication fees. 

Elementary Number Theory-11AxxSequences and Sets-11BxxPolynomials and matrices-11CxxDiophantine equations-11DxxForms and linear algebraic groups-11Gxx14Gxx11ExxQuadratic forms in linear algebra-19GxxDiscontinuous groups and automorphic forms-11FxxRelations with quadratic forms - 11R3911S3714Gxx14Kxx22E5022E5530F35,32NxxArithmetic algebraic geometry (Diophantine geometry)-11GxxGeometry of numbers -11HxxDiophantine approximation, transcendental number theory-11JxxProbabilistic theory: Metric theory of algorithms-11KxxExponential sums and character sums-11LxxZeta and L-functions: analytic theory-11MxxMultiplicative number theory-11NxxAdditive number theory; partitions-11PxxAlgebraic number theory: global fields -11RxxAlgebraic number theory: local and p-adic fields-11SxxFinite fields and commutative rings -11TxxConnections with logic-11UxxComputational number theory -11YxxMiscellaneous applications of number theory-11Zxx.

Open Access Statement:

Ind. JNT provides free access to the full texts of published articles that are freely available to read, download and share to the all researcher of worldwide without requiring a subscription to the journal.


E-mail: ijntindia@datamail.in
Web Page: https://ijntindia.puzl.com
Address: Department of Mathematics , Vinayakrao Patil College, Vaijapur, 423701, Maharashtra, india 
Corresponding Editor: Ashok D. Godase