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Indian Journal in  Number Theory (abbreviated by Ind. JNT) is an international, online, open access and peer-reviewed journal. Ind. JNT publishes original research articles on any topic in number theory in English language only. Ind. JNT is totally free to authors and readers.

Publication Frequency: One issue per year. 




1. Elementary Number Theory-11Axx, 


2. Sequences and Sets-11Bxx, 


3. Polynomials and matrices-11Cxx, 


4. Diophantine equations-11Dxx, 


5. Forms and linear algebraic groups-11Gxx, 14Gxx, 11Exx, 


6. Quadratic forms in linear algebra-19Gxx,


7. Discontinuous groups and automorphic forms-11Fxx,


8. Relations with quadratic forms -11R39, 11S37, 14Gxx, 14Kxx, 22E50, 22E55, 30F35,32Nxx, 


9. Arithmetic algebraic geometry (Diophantine geometry)-11Gxx, 


10. The geometry of numbers -11Hxx, 


11. Diophantine approximation, transcendental number theory-11Jxx,


12. Probabilistic theory: Metric theory of algorithms-11Kxx, 


13. Exponential sums and character sums-11Lxx, 


14. Zeta and L-functions: analytic theory-11Mxx, 


15. Multiplicative number theory-11Nxx, 


16. Additive number theory; partitions-11Pxx, 


17. Algebraic number theory: global fields -11Rxx, 


18. Algebraic number theory: local and p-adic fields-11Sxx, 


19. Finite fields and commutative rings -11Txx, 


20. Connections with logic-11Uxx, 


21. Computational number theory -11Yxx, 


22. Miscellaneous applications of number theory-11Zxx.


Open Access Statement:

Ind. JNT provides free access to the full texts of published articles that are freely available to read, download and share to all researcher of worldwide without requiring a subscription to the journal.



Published by:

Department of Mathematics,
Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's,
Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya Vaijapur, 
Dist. Aurangabad - 423701,


Email: vpmaths@datamail.in